What Inspires Me?

I’m often asked where my inspiration comes from or what inspires me. Honestly, I have two very different yet similar answers. My couples inspire me every time I interact with them. Getting to know them, understanding what they love, what they enjoy doing and where they enjoy spending time really gives me a lot of insight into them and how to translate that information into a wedding. I try to spend a lot of time getting to know each of my couples so that I am able to create “their” wedding not just “a” wedding. I want people to walk into an event and think “wow, this wedding is so _____ and ______!” I could truly care less if they even know there was a designer involved!

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As far as what inspires me on a personal level, exploring. Traveling. Magazines. Books. Museums. Spending time with friends & family. Connecting with people. All of those things give me fuel, perspective and energy to create something new. You’ll see that nowhere did I write, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, emails, etc. None of those things get me excited to do my job. While a lot of those things are “necessary” for me to do my job, none of them inspire me to be good at it. I don’t spend hours trolling through Instagram looking for inspiration. I find it hard to connect with people on social media on the deeper level that inspires me. While it can be nice to network and meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to connect with, once that initial connection is made, I’d rather hop on a video chat to really kick things off!

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When designing for my couples I use very little wedding day inspiration photos but more interiors, art, and other mediums and imagery when presenting their wedding day design. It might not be what they expect but I promise you that the end result is worth the bit of surprise along the way! I encourage you to get out there and do what inspires you. Do not let what other people think should be doing dictate what you really want to do to get those creative juices flowing!

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