Promposal Day

It’s national Promposal Day! Are you thinking uh… what’s that?! Well, I’ll tell you! It started in 2016 courtesy of Men’s Wearhouse. It’s a special day where high school students across the country do their best to put together the most creative way to ask someone to prom. Where I went to school, prom didn’t exist. We had banquets (womp womp) and I was always in a relationship so no big “asks” had to happen. I asked my husband what he did, and he just shrugged his shoulders.

Corsage Rose Wedding Prom Gold - Promposal Day
Photo Credit: Marie Violet Photography

With prom right around the corner, be sure to order your corsage and boutonnieres! Gone are the days of ginormous standard roses and baby’s breath with plastic bows. Let us show you the current version of the classic wrist corsage. Your date won’t be disappointed!

Bout Prom Ribbon Copper Wedding 1 - Promposal Day
Photo Credit: Marie Violet Photography