~ How it Works ~


Flowers may be one of the most stressful-yet-incredibly-important aspects of any event (especially weddings). Lucky for you, it’s an aspect that we absolutely love. Eventi is now creating bespoke, floral designs for weddings and events. We have translated our experience and expertise in wedding planning into our approach to floral design, ensuring that your event flower needs are expertly coordinated.

Since we only accept one wedding floral project per weekend, you can rest assured that your floral design is getting the attention it deserves. The addition of this service not only guarantees you have a floral designer throughout your event styling things along the way, it also allows us to truly bring together a one-of-a-kind event design that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. We’re also completely mobile! So, from Baltimore to beyond, we can design anywhere you need us!


Are you plagued by nightmares of seating and service for 100? Do you closely associate florists with Little Shop of Horrors? Are you actually considering your 16-year-old nephew to DJ your wedding? Isn’t he really into dub? We understand. Planning an event is a daunting task. But, for some of us, it’s our everything and we want to help.

Eventi is a full design & planning company with a passion for personalized, comfortable and memorable events. We support and guide you through the entire process of planning your wedding to ensure that your nephew is nowhere near the DJ booth and that the flowers don’t eat anyone. We want to make your wedding memorable, not infamous. Everything from the hotel welcome bags, rehearsal dinner toasts, welcome reception menu selection, to the wedding day send off and flowers for the brunch the next day – we help with it all!

Because we are a boutique business, we accept a limited number of events each year and only one event each weekend. This allows us to look at each event with fresh eyes to ensure that no two weddings are ever the same and that we are able to provide each client with the love and individual attention they deserve. We’re not trying to be in 50 places at once – just your place, when you need us.

We believe that the wedding day logistics are just as important as your wedding design and enjoy working with you on each and every detail through our custom design & planning process. We are wedding planning nerds fueled the way your Aunt Mae is fueled by zinfandel. We start with your initial consultation and use that to create your dream team of vendors that we know and trust. Next, we work with you on the wedding day design through our refined process to ensure that your big day is about YOU and not the 50 other people who think it’s about them. We follow up with an invite back to our amazing studio to review final selections and give you an accurate picture of what the real thing will look like. Lastly we hone in on your wedding weekend timeline to make sure that everything is in place at the exact right moment. No hiccups. No stress.

Eventi’s Guide to Wedding Planning



You’re Engaged! You panic & call me!



We get together. I get to know you. You get to know me.



We design your wedding website.



Time to get to work! We book the “nuts and bolts” vendors. I pull the pieces of YOUR wedding design out of your brain.



You buy a dress! And we help you pick out bridal party attire.



We get together again and I show you your final rental selections plus a floral mock up!



Hair & Makeup trial! We eat cake. We choose paper.



You get your nails done. We set up your wedding!



You party. Honeymoon time! Live happily ever after.