Honeymoon Tips!

We are so excited to have Lisa Blume from Lisa Blume Photography sharing with us all of her favorite honeymoon destination spots! Not to mention all of the gorgeous imagery she’s captured first hand. If you’re still deciding where to go, you will not want to miss this! 

“There is not much I love more than traveling. In fact by the age of seven, I had traveled to almost every single state in the U.S. Yes you guessed it, my parents were really in to good ‘ol fashion road trips and I was always happy to go along for the adventure! So as you can imagine by the time I was an adult I was itching to travel across the seas! Less than one year out of school, I traveled to Japan to visit my then boyfriend while he was stationed in Okinawa. Ever since that trip, I’ve been traveling every chance I get! Now I’m very lucky to get to travel for both recreation and for work. Where do I even begin when it comes to honeymoon planning?! My goodness you must be so excited to go on your honeymoon!! So the first step in planning your honeymoon is to identify what type of honeymooner you are?!?! Are you the type that loves staying put in one spot soaking up the sun with no plans or obligations to do anything? Are you the type that likes a lot of activity or adventure? Do you feel more comfortable in a city or rural setting? These are all great questions to ask yourself.”

Anguilla 225x300 - Honeymoon Tips!“I myself am a combination of all those things! So that explains why we had two honeymoons including 5 days in Anguilla where we alternated between laying out at the pool and laying out on the beach…. not to mention endless spa treatments. We barely left our resort, Mallihouana. We referred to this as our “mini-moon” where we found relaxation, rejuvenation and a whole lotta belly filling.”

“It’s fairly important that you allow the first couple of days of your honeymoon for relaxation. Everyone is different in how they decompress and rejuvenate. We made sure to spend our wedding night on our wedding venue’s property and then drove into DC (an hour away from our wedding venue which took place in Middleburg, VA). We spent the night in a nice hotel in DC closer to the airport, so we could easily fly out early the next morning for Anguilla! This allowed us to drop some things off at our house and get a little more organized before leaving for a week.”

“Our ‘big moon’ was held in Croatia! While we were originally looking at Italy and Greece, a few of our friends said that Italy would be too busy and that we should check out Croatia because it feels like a great combination of both Italy and Greece. Sold! We chose to honeymoon in Croatia because we wanted a unique experience and neither of us had Croatia 220x300 - Honeymoon Tips!been there before! We were excited about being able to enjoy both a relaxing beach vacation as well as being able to explore urban cities. We are both HUGE fans of luxury hotels and are always looking for an opportunity to experience a new resort or hotel! Matt also loves a good road trip, so we drove up the Croatian coast stopping along the way at the towns that stuck out to us the most. We visited Dalmatia, Austria and central Croatia, more specifically the towns of Dubrovnik, Ston, Krka National Forest, Split, Rovinj, Plitvice National Park and Zagreb!”

Lisa Blume’s Top Honeymoon destinations:

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  2. Thailand
  3. Hawaii
  4. Italy (ALL OF ITALY!)
  5. Cartagena, Colombia 
  6. Anguilla
  7. Charleston/ Savannah

Locations Lisa Blume has traveled and LOVED the most:

Okinawa, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo: “There’s something so romantic about exploring a culture that is incredibly different and unique from anJapan 300x200 - Honeymoon Tips!ything else you have ever experienced. I had so much fun diving into travel books sharing little tidbits about Japanese lifestyle, culture, and traditions. My recommendations in traveling to Japan is to start in a calmer place like the romantic islands off of Okinawa where you can snorkel with the most beautiful fish I have ever seen, OR you could explore the various shrines by foot throughout Kyoto. Once you’re ready for a little more action, just jump on the bullet train to Tokyo and you’ll be surrounded by incredible fashion, bright lights and lots of people. There is literally SO much to do and see in Tokyo. When I arrived in Tokyo, I pretty much just turned into the heart eyed emoji and my heart went pitter patter. If you’re like me, your experience in Japan will make you crave unique travel experience to places so unfamiliar and different from your everyday life.”

Cartagena, Colombia: “After my first international travel experience being such a remarkable one and so unique from my day-to-day life, my standards for great travel were pretty high. A few years later I visited Cartagena, Colombia with my now husband. I believe this is the place where we truly fell in love. As a lawyer, Matt had a big trial prior to this trip that literally took up every waking moment of his life, so once it was complete, we took a road trip down to the low country and booked our trip to Cartagena. We flew out 2 days later!?!? Gosh we were so wild back then 🙂 I still think about Cartagena often. The colorful buildings, warm sunshine, horse drawn carriage for an evening spin around the old town and last but not least the epic sunsets at Café del Mar were all just so incredible. We made a point to split our vacation into two parts, with the first few days at the Sofitel, a resort-like beachside hotel, and the final days at the cozier El Marques Boutique Hotel. We were thrilled with both locations and do not think we could have picked better places for our stay. Both hotels have an incredible history. We spent the majority of the trip enjoying a combination of poolside drinks, evenings at the hotel restaurants and casual strolls down the quaint streets of the city. We also took the opportunity to hop a quick trip by the water taxi to the Hotel del Canto. Here we fell in love with the secluded island and local life. Dinner at Santo Domingo Plaza was another highlight of the trip where we enjoyed people watching and live music… not to mention a big Columbian wedding taking place. The Restaurant 1621 inside the Sofitel is a feast for both the stomach and the eyes (and be sure to try the Beef Camille)!”

Florence and Rome, Italy: “Italy will always have a VERY special place in my heart. There’s not really any other place where I feel SO HAPPY. Every time I arrive in Italy, I’m taken over by an incredible energy andItaly 2 300x220 - Honeymoon Tips! young excitement… even after a crazy long flight, I’m ready to throw on a pretty sun dress and see all the things, sip all the things and eat all the things. Those of you who have been dieting for your wedding day and want to let loose… This is the place to do it!!!! No matter how many fancy meals I have at the “top new DC restaurant,” it never compares to my experiences in Italy. Everything is just so fresh with no preservatives which leaves your belly feeling good and also helps you to avoid hangovers. Start and end your trip searching for the best spot to dine al fresco with a delicious glass of wine and plate full of pasta! I always fly into Rome and spend 1-2 days there walking around, people watching and EATing.”

Anguilla: “Are you looking for a quiet vacation/honeymoon spot which doesn’t require a whole lot of scheduling or activity… and a lot of pool time and beach time?? Then Anguilla is for you! Matt and I flew out a few days after our wedding to St. Maarten then took a little boat over to Anguilla! Don’t worry. It’s just a short boat ride. We spent 5 days at the Mallihouana resort which was the most photogenic place I have ever been. I still blow up my instagram with photos from that trip and it’s been almost two years ago! We basically transitioned from beachside relaxing to poolside chillin’. Of course, with a few spa treatments sprinkled in there at the resort spa! We asked our cab driver and resort staff about the restaurants they recommended, and we just bopped around to a new dinner spot each night. Cabs are crazy expensive there but worth it to see more of the island rather than staying on the resort the entire time.”

Hawaii: “There is a reason why Hawaii has always been a big honeymooner’s oasis. It’s incredible. My cousin honeymooned here just a couple of months ago and she made me so envious by her gorgeous photos (and tan!).”

Savannah: “Savannah, Georgia is such a fun place to find adventure, romance and a honestly just a good time. I always say that if Savannah and Charleston were sisters… Charleston is the preppy well put together older sister AND Savannah is definitely the wild child artsy little sister who doesn’t give a f*@k about what other people think of her. The city has really transformed over the past decade with artists restoring the historic buildings and adding art galleries on every corner! This little town offers so much and features a very tight-knit community. If you opt to live there for a few years and are just a little bit involved in the community, you will know everyone at every store, restaurant and passing along on the sidewalk! My favorite spots in Savannah are: The Grey, Red Clover Boutique, Soho South Cafe, Back in the Day Bakery, SCAD museum, Tybee Island for a casual beach trip, Starland district for the art, Shop SCAD for gifts & home decor, The Atlantic Restaurant, The Perch for fancy rooftop drinks and don’t underestimate a causal stroll through Forsyth Park! Also, a random tip: My favorite local magazine is Paprika Southern which showcases many of the local artists.”

Thank you so much to Lisa for your insight and all of these stunning images. Can we all agree that she’s living her best life?! Here’s to more trips abroad!