Happy New Year!

Store Front Balloon Garland Owner Employees - Happy New Year!

2018 started off with a lot of amazing goals both personal and business but the funniest thing is that my biggest accomplishment last year wasn’t even one of my goals! Opening up a storefront was one of those dreams that, simply put, was a long way down the road. Taking my kids to school every morning I drove by this space and the “Space Available” sign just started gnawing at me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! More on that story in another post. For 2019 I have some big plans as well as “this thing has been working over the years so I’m going to stick with them plans”. But what 2018 taught me is that my goals and plans have to be malleable. Opportunities pop up (both good and not so good) and I have to be willing to explore them even if it wasn’t something I was planning for. In November, I sat down and wrote out my goals for this year. If you haven’t done that yet, I encourage you to spend some time this week and just jot down some things. Also, if you think that you have to be a business owner or be working on a side hustle to have goals, you’re wrong! So jump in, it’s a New Year – get it started on the right foot!

Flowers Flower Bar Blooms - Happy New Year!
Cards Calligraphy - Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: Hannah Bjorndal Photography