Hi there! If you’re new here, meet Eventi! While we have a lot of amazing women (and the occasional gentleman) working behind the scenes, we are the main worker bees. LynnAaron on the left is the amazing logistics girl. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s fab at design too and throws out lots of amazing ideas for our couples, but her “official” title is Event Wrangler. She keeps things organized and on time, manages our vendor relationships for event days and ensures our clients have a stress free day. Then there is me on the right! I started Eventi Floral & Events nearly 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I love getting to know our couples, matching them with the right vendors and infusing who they are into their wedding day design.

3 fun facts about me you might not know:
– My go to drink is bourbon on the rocks.
– I love listening to podcasts while I work on flowers.
– My family and I love to go RVing and bring our pups, Murphy & Charlie!

3 fun facts about LynnAaron you might not know:
– She does her own gel polish! Her go to color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.
– She loves to read and is a member of the Book of the Month club.
– She is currently binge watching Game of Thrones and is OBSESSED!