First Day of Spring!

Oh, hallelujah Wednesday was the first day of spring! Has anyone else been itching for it as much as I have?! This winter has been BRUTAL, and we spent quite a bit of it sick. Sure, we snuck in a quick trip to the Florida Keys and I may have hit up Cabos for a few quick days (courtesy of a work trip) but honestly those trips just didn’t seem to make the winter any more bearable.

Keys Florida Boats Ocean Vacation Get Away Winter Blues - First Day of Spring!

Spring gets me excited to start planning for spring events. Bright colors. Not worrying about coat checks. Rain plans. Ya know, all the good stuff. Last spring was tough when it came to rain, but I’m convinced 2019 is going to be different!

Bride Bridesmaids Spring Bouquets Flowers Wedding - First Day of Spring!
Photo Credit: Abby Jiu Photography

Pro tip: when planning an event, be sure your rain plan (Plan B) is just as lovely as your fair-weather plan. That way if you have to go with Plan B, you are completely fine with your decision! Also, doing all of the good juju rain things isn’t a bad idea. One personal favorite is burying the bourbon. Simply dig a hole at your ceremony site and bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down. After the ceremony, dig up the bourbon and share it with your guests!

Wedding Groomsmen Shots Bourbon Groom Jack Daniels - First Day of Spring!
Photo Credit: L. Hewitt