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Ceremony Charleston Spanish Moss - Digital Resources

A few months back we took the time to create a handful of digital resources for the bride who wants to tackle her wedding planning all on her own. At our online shop we have a 12 Month Planning Schedule as well as an 18 Month Planning Schedule available. Not only does it walk you through the planning process, it also has so many tips and tricks to help you out along the way! Are you having a wedding at home and are you just not 100% certain how much alcohol to purchase? Our Liquor Suggestions resource was created just for you. It’s based on 100 guests and you can simply multiple or divide accordingly to have it match up to your guest count.

Blush Lush Bouquet - Digital Resources

Having a family friend act as your wedding officiant is such an amazing way to personalize your wedding ceremony but sometimes your Google searches for a great ceremony might not feel official enough. In our Wedding Ceremony Outline Sample we’ll show you the layout for one of our best ceremonies plus give you tips on ways to personalize your ceremony a bit more. Lastly our Tipping Guidelines resource is incredibly popular! Not sure the best way to tip the caterer? We’ve got you covered!  Go, take a peek. Read the descriptions. I’m sure if you’re recently engaged we’ve got something for you.

Tented Wedding Floral Installation - Digital Resources

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